Only One Person On Earth Read Count : 33

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
I wake up in the morning about to start my day. My man not in the living room couch. I wonder is he at the store. I looking out my window only cars and doors close. I got dress and headed out to go the Walmart. Something strange happen here. Those cars doors is open. No clothes and shoes left on the grounds. I rubbing my eyes. No trash but little papers. Only seeing birds in the trees. Did people got kidnapped or disappeared. That leaving me a big question mark. I checking and see did the car work. And the good part it’s running. I hop inside and trying to drive. Till slam into the tree in the woods. My head hurting I  can’t move my neck and legs. I see many flash backs. I know my life is going to end soon. There was a ghost image of a man lift me up. While I laying myself to rest. While the car steaming and damage. I pass away in the woods.


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