Symbol Message In Daycare Wall Read Count : 88

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
In the daycare playing with children. Little boy knows the wall got an letter. What kind of message lease children too. He follow  words shows on the same wall. Black letters with symbol across down the pathway. Till it reach to the end of door way. Others kids wanna know what’s he doing. They was excited to see many letters too. The lady block the kitchen area. And daycare door remains shut. There’s something fishy there. The boy wanna to know what it means. She shake him and said Don’t tell a soul. Now the child knows something they all don’t. Even their teacher hidden secrets or she in danger. The wall shows after was cover up. He walking straight down that line. With an arrow said Keep on going to reach the main room. That area got something inside. That door been close over years. Can’t no one open it. And go inside that room.


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