Walking With The Dead Read Count : 96

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
At night talking to my dead friend. He looks like a zombie but not. Some of families wake up out their gravey with damages skins. Some missing an eyes,ears and others. There voices sounded different after been dead for so long. I aspect them. We all humans too. The neighbor husband pass away with sickness. She cries and help him so. Some people screams in terror. Too afraid go near them. Even little children knows their parents. The sky didn’t change a bit. We walking around the neighborhood together. I so glad to reunite with my close friend. He was snatched up and killed. This boy holds his jar with the witches head. She is very angry and fussing. Little dead girl ain’t looking the same. And parents want people not to hurting her feeling. We in the land of the dead. And people been smash having hard times to move. 


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