There’s A Killer In The Tree Read Count : 80

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
Sitting on the bench waiting for the Metro bus to arrive. We talking about rent,bills and foods. The weather outside is chilly and cloudy. Till I saw an Indian hidden behide those trees shooting arrow at the man. We panic and I crying my eyes out. He was strike in his chest. I calling 911. And when the officer arrive that man was dead. I talking to his mother on the cell phone and she cries. The Indian is hidden in the woods somewhere. Even the spy got killed in that tree. The second man was hanging with a rope. The police shooting the tree and finally killed the Indian. That is a sadness day to see someone killed. The who that other killer with his weapon. He must been a hit man. Dress in black ready to shoot someone. I know we was dealing with an enemy in the neighborhood. The Indian looks century. With a mohawk and face paint.


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