Skeleton Drags The Man Into Hell Read Count : 75

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
On our way to the store. Was a day with sunshine. Nothing bad in sight. Till after headed back from the store. There is something moving on the dirt. When the man reaches his hands those skeletons grab him straight to hell. I panic and saw fire rising up with smoke. Then black mist came down. The whole ground is completely shut. I rubbing my eyes and running inside my apartment. Few grounds did the same too. That man carry fate somewhere to be snatch into the lake of fire. I know his time is up. Too much evil got him caught up. Those warriors having enough. Then I hearing another screams from the back. That worker got grab too. I throw the trash really quick and trying to save that person but it’s too late. The ground closing up with an evil laugh. Every where was under attack. Men,women and children got snatch. Those skeletons after these people.


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