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Shukdeb Mazumder

For a long time, what do we see
in front of the mirror-
isn't it one kind of error?

The beauty of the external appearance 
gives us some sense 
that beautiful we are-
why don't we try to make us more and more fair?

Thus we spend so much time and effort 
ahead of the looking glass- not looking
into the inner beauty, and mute
the sound of our sound thinking and music 
of the heart from which the flow of fine
feelings and emotion flourishes.

The eternal emotion of mankind is to be found
by men, and then the promotion
of the beauty within will be progressed.

Our happiness, confidence and love within 
form the beauty within 
that is inner Aphrodite
but the mirror reflects the outer one
by whom Paris was fascinated
and in the way the war of Troy started.

We- all of us- must not be like Paris 
and the practice of considering any man
only by his facial beauty should perish.

The expression of inner niceness must be valued-
by which the consciousness of and desire
for being good within will arise
in the mind of humankind in a natural way.

Let the beauty within make the world beautiful. 

© Dr. Shukdeb Chandra Mazumder


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