Walking In The Field Read Count : 21

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
The mist of rains now and then. Not even spring breeze weather. It’s looks like a hollow land filled with darker trees without leafs. No sun in the sky. Crows watching me passing by in the creepy grass. What’s that bad smells coming from. Notices the green slime in the lake. With fungus mushrooms on the side. Few people running out the field. Vines bushes sharks to cut your legs. Looking at the corn field too large. Mess around getting lost. The country house must be a giant demon sitting  in his car holding a rifle in his hands. With an monster dogs sniffing in the air. Looking at the size of those dogs teeth. And I ran fast when his dogs starts to barks. I keeping on falling on the ground. The monster shooting at us all. He’s not a normal human. Running straight to the darkness woods. The cave ain’t no safe spots. Some people screaming for help. Trap and killed by an enemy. I headed on top to the other side.


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