Something Wrong With Our Drinks Read Count : 40

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
At home during night while my dad and children visit. The storm starts to arrive and notices it’s rainy outside. While children sits on the couch watching tv. I asking Does anybody wants something to drink. And they said Yes. I pouring some chocolate milk for my children and tea for me and dad. My man drink his soda too. Till my son starts to get sick. He complained stomach hurts. My older son kept throwing up black poison. Little bit wasn’t respond to me. And dad got sick. My man panic he calling 911 and his mom too. Then he gots sick. All the building is infected. We rushed to the hospitals. The bad news little bit pass away. And that hurts my feeling. Her grandma pass out. Little bits grandparents and fathers panic. Those two boys were sicks. And they have to be put into sleep. Dad passing away from the virus. And I lost my life too. That germs spreading and infected those drinks. Those poisons is diseases from another country. Those drinks has to be stop or else. Poor people died from a illness called Black Death. And my man is done too. That poison he didn’t survive. 


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