People Snatch Up By Air Craft Spaceships Read Count : 53

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
The sand was picking up as well summer heat. At the beach getting sun tan. Children playing in the water. Women laughing and chatting. Men playing football on sand. Till seeing something big in skies. People in the ocean flying up in spaceships. Everybody grab their children and running. Some kids is left with tears. The air craft lifting people off of ground into spaceships. They all were kidnapped. Even poor children were snatched away. Only empty seats and boats on shores. Officers discovered  the symbols on those fields. And they knows what it means. Too many people been caught by an aliens. Only animals remains in earth. Same for few people. Others refuse to go the beaches due to missing. Fisher men escaped that side of bay. It’s a shame can’t having a wonderful vacation. Due to spaceships catcher. Many people is gone to unknown universe. We all know the mysterious.


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