Paradise Of Eden Read Count : 44

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Romance
The land is beautiful and peace. One man and woman join together as husband and wife. So much nature around them. Animals far and wide. Same for fruits and vegetables. The plant a new life to begins with. No clothes, shelter and storm in land. Only him and her living forever. Without pain and grief over takes them. The bad snake remains in the evil tree alone. Refuse going back to where problems starts. Leaving the forebidden fruit alone. One dark red looks like an apple. So much smiles and passion in the air. The exit guard by angels of life. Clouds passing by over the mountains. The breath taken land so beautifully. Holding hands together and running free. Let the evil tree ease away. Just so dark brown carry so many situations. Very curseful and temptation. One of the devil fruit refuse to be touch. So much clears skies and beautiful nights. Watching over the land. Remember Adam and Eve. Same for Eden too.


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