Woman Ready To Be A Mummy Read Count : 17

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama
She travel back to Egypt with her service to join last life. She already have enough tracking around the world. Listen to her inner self. Helps many people and sign her will over to her children and donors. The day is time to rest. She ready giving up her month. At the upper age the woman wants her tomb design. She sing her final song to be put down. She can’t have her future husband laying next to her. It’s not right to tell her boyfriend. With a note in his mail box will hurting him so. She close her eyes and service begins the prossession. Remove organs, blood, brain and others. Wrap her body up for the mummy. She made died young. But others loves living on. With her heart and soul it’s time to rest. People knows she suicide herself. But she felt it was her choice to make. And that’s the right pathway to Egypt paradise. She is bury in the tomb with fame.


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