Symbol Cats Read Count : 42

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
Different cats from our normal animals. Cats carry a secerts words under their skins. Those witches must did a witch craft on those cats or something happen to many cats. We care about. All are different and too risky to be around them. I refuse to get close by them. I saw a vision of an angry cat. So much hissing all over the fields. No matter where you go those symbols cats carry many tales. Something about those cursed isn’t right. Some walking with no heads or face. Their glow of those eyes isn’t right. Don’t let beauty fools you. With an unknown hidden place giving people spook. Those cats can’t live with you. That is a match maker from hell. They know who you are so be aware. Dogs sense a threat. Those cats can be deadly at times. If they not normal stay away from them. Too much trouble.


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