The Old Ruin Castle Read Count : 87

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure
People taking tourist on top of the mountain top. Headed straight to the haunted castle. We store at the building across the way. Too many big rocks slaming down. You can tell the castle is damage. Only partly sunny outside. The main problem we couldn’t across over due to gate close. And we have to find another way over. The climbing part was too risky. Broken hooks and rails. While reaching the top we enter inside the castle. All the famous jewelry and paints got taken out. Only piece’s of paper. Throne where king and queen used to sit and old carpets. The building is old enough to hold on. But the rocks a problem. Walking around the building the room is empty. Only rats hide in holes. Then we begins to leave because the rocks crumble on down. While left the castle. The building finally falling apart. The history is gone. Only rocks pales up. We find our way down from the risky mountain.


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