Hairy Buffy Men Read Count : 31

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
In the stairway ruin cities. With no lights and doors. Only black water of pools in different spots. They looking at women from another country as Korean bunnies. Men wanted to grab and eating for foods. The girl trying to find her way out. She running for her life. That hairy men is a monsters. Looking to killed. The groups not in love with no one. Just the meat keeper to getting their strengths up. So much rabbits they sees. More likely to be fresh meat. Students goes there and never returns out those hidden rooms. Used to be a place for shelters in. Now nothing but old bloody beds and bones. It gets worse at nights. They even swims inside water. Few women living there. But too scare coming out. These males are deadly cannibals. Refuse living in the city. Even babies be kept alive and raise by those chosen mothers. Or else they eat them if escape. These monsters will continue their attacks against women bunnies.


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