The Stolen Jewelry Necklace Belong To The Warrior Wife Read Count : 31

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
At night time there is a mist in the air. The warrior from Japan is very angry. Somebody stole something special belongs to his wife. The necklace means a lot to her. That gift is very special. The tomb stone was open and temple doors damage. People sense something danger outside at night. The warrior snaps on everybody with his sword. Killing many people left and right. Children ran into caves, houses and the main building for the night. The warrior is searching for his wife necklace. People telling that man returns the curse back into his grave. And he refuse too. So much bloods all over the streets. And groups of gangs got attacks. That man is a walking death. When he found the house of his. The warrior fighting and killed him. Because he refuse to return something dearly back to his dead wife. The sad part the warrior killed that man girlfriend with his sword for having his wife necklace. And walking back to his resting grave and returns to his wife her jewelry that was stolen. The fog returns as well the warrior.


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