There A Major Cross Fire At The Other Side Read Count : 64

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
While we was outiside playing. Till kids got into trouble hustle with drugs in the ice cream truck. That boy have to be carry into the hospital by Superman. Same with a girl. And that was his bigger sister. He notice the other side of town was filled with fire. That kid tells us from the hospital phones. Don’t go there. The other side been wipe out by something bigger. Looking up the clear skies and otherside. Nothing but lava and black smokes. Trees are badly damaged. So dark and clouds in the sky. It’s noting but darkness. We all were shaking. Is the earth gonna end. I rushing in to report my friend and we need to move out. Mom wasn’t lying about the otherside. Notices the storm in sea getting rough with major weaves. Some people died together. And others trying to escape the horror.


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