Leaving Our Homes Read Count : 75

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
The alarms was loud every cities. We having no choice to pack our suit case and bags. People driving cars, bikes, vens and trucks. While others walking. Some people refuse to leave because they don’t got no money those tickets. It’s so sad losing friends and families. Animals in zoo on boards. All the jobs sites and stores close due to emergencies. People running up in the hill main building to be ship out of danger. The major storm was coming. You can see the changes in the sky. While the building was pack with people. There were so many ships. Others storms out of the building without a tickets. And it cost so much to be safe. Few planes flying passes the main building. The clouds was getting dew and darker. Notices the comets flying down to the earth. From outer space in our planet was in trouble. 


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