Found A Dead Body By The River Read Count : 66

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
We taking a hiking trip the rest of kids. It’s a church summer group. While on our way to West Virginia. We stopping by buying tents and gears. My friend can’t wait taking some pictures. Me too. I a nature princess. When we finally arrive. We starts to putting up tents together for the night. And praising God in heaven. After prayer we all begins to taking a hike. I was in front and others taking their time catching up. Till we reached the main spot where streams at. There’s were a body of a dead man on ground. We all panic and getting help. When the news and officers arrive. There were decomposed blood on ground. I said That man got killed. I wanted to go home. We skipped the hiking for the next day. Few kids refuse sleeping that night. I sitting in the tent and talking about the body we all just saw. That is a sad day for all of us. And beside the woods on cloudy day is spooky.


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