Snow And Thunder Read Count : 28

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
I walking in the field of woods. Sitting alone by the fire pit. Notices the snow coming down and wind picking up speed. I listen to my inner self till lighting shine the sky. This time of winter is strange. Is God upset at people celebrating Pagens. That’s the only way the thunder strikes to the ground. I drop my mouth. Snow and no rains in sight. The storm of blizzard picking up. And  my fire pit disappeared. The wind increase quickly. I have to find me a shelter to remains warm. Traveling in the freezing temperature. With no one around. The wood is longer filled with cliffs and trees. I have to watch my steps. Finally reach down in the village. I so glad the building wasn’t pack. I found my one and only bedroom to rest in the motel at night. While the thunder still striking with loud sounds at night. I rest in my motel bed fast to sleep.


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