The Little Tree With An Image Read Count : 70

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
I was walking down the street to pay my rent. Wasn’t raining outside. The clear skies and cool breeze. Till I saw a little tree with an scary face across the street. I was afraid. My feet felt so funny. I wanna just go inside and remain safe. Never saw a nature with an face. Must been hidden in the woods. One of those plants you must be aware of. That little tree got family too. Big and tall with the rest of groups. I stay in for the whole month. Till I headed out again. That tree was on the side of the street. Waiting for something. And if you mess with him. You be in danger. I sense a higher risk. Must be from another planet somewhere. A little tree dark brown with an normal face. Not our image. A dark one. That was during the fall month. Very scary looking nature. Next it got too close near someone ven. I was worry about that park a lot space. The tree lonely waiting in the street.


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