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I can’t wait to order me something to eat for the night. At home not going nowhere and calling the day. I was too busy and stress out. On till tv show special meals on my list. I going to get on my telephone and order me some pizza. Pepperoni, cheese and green peppers my favorite. I got on the phone and begins to order my dinner. Yeah. Rubbing my hands together I can’t wait for delivery man shows up. $19.35 is the price and I not angry over that. They got my pizza about to be cook. And green peppers on pizza. Taste and smells drives me crazy. I hope for the major favor. I sitting on my couch watching my tv show. When pizza got the special on tv I was smiling with joy. I know some of the price will going on down. Doing my pizza dance. Today is my P day. After paying the delivery pizza man.


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