I Miss The Bus Read Count : 34

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Waking up this morning my alarm clock keeping on beeping. Rolling off my bed and notices the time is nine o’clock. Drop my mouth and on the rush. Forgot to brush my teeth. Running outside with my cellphone notices one person hops on the bus. I shouting and wait the bus passing me by. The time is ticking from my watch. I watching others children are late from school. My cell phone is ringing from my job. I started to panic because I’m late. I hope for the bus shows up on time. Or I getting my very first strike. I’m shaking like a cat after SPCA chase. Please hurry up Mr. Bus driver. I wish to stay home on the weekends. But I got to work today and talking to my boss. The sun is shining over my head. I sitting at the metro bus stop on a busy day. The time is ticking every minute. Another bus comes it’s not my number. I looking at my time it’s almost ten. I off on my way to work.


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