Woman In Her Shoe House Read Count : 31

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Sub Category : Pop
The senior woman living with all her grandchildren. Sixteen of them getting ready for school. Granny gots many children successful and living large. She keeps telling them her home not a foster place. Children laughs and said We love you so. While grandmom got to raise them all. Making sure they all is feed. Same for doctors to check up for her and children. In the rare place to living together. Some kids trying to sneaking out at night. While others complaining about sharing. The place been a mess without cleaning. She do whatever it’s takes to fixing the dirty problems. Granny trying to controls all those children. While their parents left without saying Good bye. So much stress inside her heart. If parents don’t rescue her she might pass away on her own. She cooks and cleaning a lot. What about your special babies too.


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