Talking While She Sleeping Read Count : 30

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Baby talking as a audio box. Listen to her voice all night long. It’s cold outside the neighborhood. With no sounds coming from people in the block. The clouds thinking in the skies. With vision of future waiting for us. Trying to sleep with my sweet heart. Hearing her talking with her touges. Oh,baby. Trying to cover my head. On till the mourning knocking me off the bed. Is she horny for the night sleepy sex. Getting on top is the best of me. With no sweats in our bedroom. Too cold during winter time. I grab the best I can sugar. I taking to you into the paradise. With no alarm to wake you up panic. It’s only ten o’clock in night time. No problem with any noises. I got to focus on your cycle of resting. Couples sleeping together as two. In the master bedroom. Alone in the outdoor tents. For summer camp.


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