Stage Frights Gives Me The Creeps Read Count : 66

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
I gets stage fright around people. I having problems standing still. When music starts to play. Everybody staring at me. I begins to frozen like a ice. My mom used to say be brave. The biggest fear is singing in front of people. At night time the show begins. I walking alone. People begins to getting impatient. Due to standing not singing. The time is ticking and people begins to shouting. I got hit in my face with a bottle. I didn’t mean to froze like that. Stage isn’t my flavor spot. I so scare to letting loose. One mistake leaves a mark. Don’t got any supports. Alone listen to my heart. I breathing harder. I just can’t help myself. With trash, notes and wipes. It’s time to leave and so much words sucks on the wall.


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