I Wanna Know If You Still There Read Count : 69

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Separate from my family in the newer world. Are you still by my family. Looking and searching for you all till notices the only one in sight. I got so confuse. Tears drops rolling down from my cheeks. Others know this years going gets longer. If I just getting on my knees and pray. I hope to reunite with my love ones too. Sitting by the tower next to Frances. I wanna to know where you are. I can still sense so much present from you. So where in the sight of life. Jesus parents walking miles to searching for their son. Every paths. With an helping from guardian angels in heaven. Please listen to my inner circle. I don’t want to turn into the villain. Taking my anger out the world. I need hope and care for them all. With their voice said We are here. I going to place into another side. Just like been lost in Korea and Japan. Finally found you by the corner store. I wanted to telling you all I’m still holding on.


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