Don’t Trust No One Read Count : 69

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
There’s something going on in that house. With an stranger staring from the window. I getting scare to giving him mails. And walking that way when I work out. With the same old eyes he giving me. Even at nights me and my brothers seeing him taking trash out. With a shovel to digging the grave. I sitting on my porch while my dog playing in the yard. I sense something isn’t right. The same man keeps on bother me with his evil eyes. I going crazy at times. Wanna know what the hack is going on with his head. Is he threatening me while wondering. I yielding at him after throwing the rock at his window. With no answer back with his strange ways. And I shaking my head and dog begins to barking. While I watching my movie. My dog sleeping on the couch. I hearing the footsteps outside. This place feeling unsafe for me.


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