Walking On The Shore Read Count : 65

Category : Songs

Sub Category : reggae
Taking a walk with my baba. On the sunny day. The sun shines over our faces. I should wearing my swimming shorts. While you on bikini running straight into the water for swimming. There’s no sharks around to attack you baby. I building the sand castle with my woman. Sometimes gets caught in the bottom. And bury by children. Heat is rising outside on the bay. I taking off my shirt. And relaxing with my pinacola drink. My girl continues playing in the water. The sun is beating me up where I getting sun tan. Enjoying walking together holding hands in the beach. There’s no tropical storm headed out way. While others people are surfing in the ocean. I on the sand watching the show. This is the life of paradise. She picking up few shells for me. Hearing the sound weaves. On our way to the beach hotel. Suit for the night.


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