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I got my clothes pack for few days. I don’t have to work till other weeks. I getting ready going on the trip. All by myself on the air plane. Making sure I packing the rightful stuff. Too travel in the air. I hope everything is at plan. In the taxi cab on my way to plane station. Staring out the window. I so glad it’s not rainy outside. I be worry my hair getting wet. I’m so excited to trying new clothes. And same foods different from our. In the newer country with so many faces. That’s where I about to go. I walking with few things inside my suit case. I glad didn’t got any pets. I got my tickets to get on board. And seating in the front row. I only trust first class. The plane gets me back and forth. Looking out the window and see the view I know it’s going to where vacation in. Other people are chatting and others alone. I put my ears phone on.


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