So Drunk That Waking Up Hangover Read Count : 62

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Party with my people. So much drinks all over the kitchen. I got to trying red goo slime mix with raspberry Bret. My sister drunk ass hell knocking plates all over the floor. Music plays so very loud. Just like the party called Project X. I having lemon shots with coins. My little cousin got busted by his mom. Took that slip ain’t good for you boy. He in for ass whooping. I continue drinking with the crews and got silly with a lime. Crazy ladies wanna some titties shots. My granddad put his face between theirs. Trying my favor vodka main stronger sense of liquor. Keeps wobbling on the dances floor. Staring at an ugly girl for an Janet. Giving her a flirting and many kisses. Till I accidentally puck on her clothes. I got slap in my face. I’m drinking some more Grey Goose. I inside the bathroom sleeping in tub.


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