I Got To Put You To The Side Girl Read Count : 43

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Something tells me to grab your arms from the table In restaurant. I Agree making fun of one person is enough within my heart. Sister, she didn’t bother you in the first place. Why calling her any ugly words like that. How does it feels you was in her shoes. Will you like that torture remocked all day long. It’s a shame the group apart of your plans. Something tells me y’all just wanna to join and picking game too. With no respect with the word apology. Mmm, looking at me weird all you want. It’s your fault for been so rude to her. Don’t keeping on pushing her over the edge like that. You know the word of karma so many times. Why got to be downward woman. Used to be raise in the holy church. What happen to your faith and respect. Turning into the hard cold joker. Dissing that girl like that. She is special like you too. Keeping on pushing wrong words from that mouth.


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