Dirty No Good Bum Read Count : 6

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
You ain’t right disrespected me. Boy gets your act together with your jack up personality. Trying to picking an auring with one and another. I not the one if you miss treating me like this. I the good woman not some outsiders thug. Sitting around not cleaning yourself. Looking at me crazy while watching tv. Too many bad words on the phone with your mother. Don’t want anything to do with your beautiful children. What kind of man keeps having so calls mood swings. He must be bypolar or got an attitude problems. Bra you need to be alone with no one in your life. I can’t stand a man with an open tones. Keeping on mouth talking trash all the time. What the hell is wrong with this boy. Playing video games and disrespecting those children. When he going to grown up. And acting like he got some sense. One terrible man in the history.


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