Why You Hate Me Read Count : 6

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
I sitting on my couch to talking and laugh. Instead I getting this separation from you. Staring at my eye to eye doesn’t wants to be bother anymore. Is it me or just him giving me an different information. Mix moods swings switching all day long. I can’t giving him my hug and kiss. I trying to sitting next to my man. He said Stop! Don’t even dare coming any closer! What kind of loving relationship is this. When lover becoming an enemy. Don’t want me to loving you. So much pain in my soul. While he just sitting by the corner. If you leaving me things will turning into worse. I cooking us dinner tonight. Instead he got plans sonewhere else. I smiling and wonder is he calming down. I going into the closet and picking out my dress and heels. Getting ready to cleaning and style myself. He said Oh,no. It’s not for you girl.


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