That Man Is Watching With His Mask So Scary Read Count : 8

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
I can’t stay much longer. Someone is after me. The mysterious unknown is watching from the corner. Everytime I outside running for laps. That same guy cover his face with an mask. He staring miles away. I wish to have a gun. To pop that head off. But instead I running into the safe spot. In class with my boyfriend talking and flirting. That same monster looking across by the children park. I told my boo about that nut case is watching me. He finally turns around. No one standing there. I know something isn’t right. I sense a nightmare miles away. That same man rushes in. He stabbing me with his knife. I trying to fight back. So much blood dripping and pain. I know that man is a enemy of mine. When I remove the face mask. It’s someone I used to be friend with.


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