Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones Read Count : 6

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Sub Category : Childrens
When I was a little kid. My parents tells us little details. About sticks on the ground. And stone by the caves. I wonder what that means about a little story. Till I pick up a stick and stone almost drop on my feet. With that stone can crack a skull same for the stick in the eye. It’s not the eye gets falling apartment with slam on my hands. I sitting at home thinking like a stature. Picture my teacher show us how to break an egg. The stick just won’t doing well till I used the stone cracking an egg. One big smash does that a lot. So much yolks dripping all over the floor. I can’t get the stone to broke apart. On less I becoming the body builder. Same for kids in the class room talking about the little creepy story. Why the bones gots to do with the stick. And teacher said Just don’t falling apart. Watching the world dummies tv show.


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