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In the store getting a keno ticket. About to bet million dollars for myself. Little Louise wants some snacks. I said My son with that cash you can have as many in the world. I only have five dollars left and giving little bit some candy in the bag. While my son hanging with his pals. I in my house about to watch the show. A cutie lady with blonde hair counting numbers on the ball. The first one wasn’t it. And second drives me insane. The final calling I jump with joy. While my son rushing in our house. He said What all the yielding about dad. And I said Boy, picture yourself with many candies in the world. He jumping up and down with joy. While neighbors wondering what’s going on. I didn’t telling the truth about my million dollar keno. I having no choice to playing alone with fake sad news. I said My money didn’t make it. Got to packing our truck and on our way out of state.


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