Dye My Hair Blue Read Count : 6

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I buy this product online. I can’t wait till the color ship in my address. With so much smiles on my face. I got plans to go out this weekend. When my hair color finally made it to my house. Jumping with joy. Open the box and rush into the bathroom. Begins to color my hair. Notices the white color and can’t wait till I see the results. Raise my hair with warmer water. Notices the water turning blue. I said Come again, I hate that color. My heart thought it’s yellow or purple. And I looking at the darker string. I going crazy with the bottle. Without any words got an color name. Just a label called Berry paradise. Looks aqua and light  same for water in summer time. Continue dye my hair still the same. And I scream at the white mix brand. Looking in the mirror notices the color isn’t right. Shouldn’t never  order a brand in China.


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