Can’t See You No More Read Count : 45

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
After the breaking up with you boy. We used to kick it together. Now love isn’t the same any longer. So much different inside our souls. We getting into many airing and fighting. I just can’t going threw this anymore. Sick and tired crying all those tears at night. Holding my pillow fast to sleep. Throwing away all the old gifts you used to buy me. And the left over clothes you left in my house. I sitting on my couch and writing my diary. You the  worse boyfriend in my life. Coming in my heart so different. Disrespect me in front of my friends. Refuse to be happy. Wanna disappear to someone else at nights. I having enough of that madness. I got to letting him go. It’s time to get the packing. And be on your way. I deserve someone much better then you. I sitting alone watching love movies. Moving on with my life.


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