Why,Oh Why We Living This Way Read Count : 6

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So much w’s in every lyrics about life and death. Asking God why are we doing something wrong. Now days just getting harder everyday. Wish our lives turning back into normal. It’s too late for going back in the hood old days. Losing our hopes and goals. Promises becomes a double lies. Same for secerts lovers and friendships. Watching news about everyday struggles and fame. Even rich people goes a lot. And same for poor too. There no prefect living filled with roses. Listen to all the drama from tv shows and live news casts. Due to issue isn’t solving just yet. Too much incomplete and so much untold truth stories everywhere. Wanna screaming out our lungs and said Why us or me! Is we doom or beginning of down falls. We need to know Paster. People getting ready to protest riots in the streets. The economy is falling into the bottomless less funds.


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