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Sub Category : Pop
So many eyes around my faces. Keeps staring like a stature on the table. I can’t focus on myself in class. All eyes on me. Too many people won’t just stop the looks. I not famous and president in America. Just the normal man trying to pass the coarse. Too many stares giving me the creeps. Even in the boys bathroom. Peeking while I taking number two. One nasty person just won’t stop staring at me. In porch right after class. I doing my homework outside. The man in his car keeps looking at me. I stick my middle finger on the side. And said What are you looking at! The same old man driving away. With an odd feeling I am getting. In my house im ok with the floating cloating close. With no one keeps staring at me all day. Don’t wanted to say anything to me. What kind of person will looking threw my eyes. Too many eyes and shadows against my face. That’s worries me.


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