Sunshine The Blood Read Count : 50

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
Waking up in the night getting ready for work! My boss is calling my telephone and said Staying in something is wrong with the sun! I got up and open my window! Our sun turning into blood! I panic just like those neighbors! I can’t go outside in the night. Where’s the full moon! What the hack our sun is doing out at night! Our moon must been block or destroyed!  Is it blocking the view for me to work! While the blood all over a great big circle! People panic and said It’s not the time! The outdoors cooling outside! I grab my dog and ran back inside my house! The shadows creeping around the streets! What kind of sun is that! People dropping dead everywhere! That sun is a murder alien I ever seen! With so much burns all over their skins! I glad my dog didn’t got burn to death! While he’s barking inside my house! And few people running for their lives! There’s something wrong with the sunshine! The blood over floats the sun at night time! Is the world going to end by an visible zip like a bug!


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