Miss Mail Lady Read Count : 6

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
I waiting for my mail to come around afternoon. Dogs having history chasing mail men out their yards. Same for delivery carrier. I got to pay my bills next month. I can’t wait till the mail inside the box. Here comes the mail truck I staring out my window. I notice someone is different. She other men type aspect me. She got short curly hair with longer eyes leashes. I picture light brown longer straight hair. Slim and flower with honey. Besides she dark brown skin. I’m white man you know. Speaking kindly to the mail lady. While she goes across the streets. I can’t wait till the bills gets pay. Waiting getting my mail inside. She wearing a dark blue inform and black dress shoes. She not slim just so thick. Others guys starting to flirt. Finally getting my mail inside the box. Mail service is a womanizer.


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