It’s Sunny Day Outside We Know The Truth Read Count : 51

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Sub Category : reggae
Sitting on my porch looking up in the sky. The sun smiling down on me. Thank you father for a blessing day. No storm causing any stress in my soul. Let me tell you brothers and sisters across the world. Listen to the nature air we breathe. God whispering in my ears. Walking into the light by a friendly tree. The woods so gloomy. Few shadows across the way. God reach out his hands and fade all those sinners away. With his shining armer the inner trees. All those unwelcome spirits cast into the dooms in hell. I looking up the heaven with blue clear skies. Our wonderful Holy Spirit holding his larger visible hands. So much joy inside my soul. Today going to be a lovely day. No screams and yielding just another peaceful and mind. I enjoy this moment of silents shine brighter in the sun.


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