Dress To Impress Read Count : 14

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Got my make up and hair done. In my house design my dresses too. I can’t help how I wearing my outfits. I going to dress inpress a man for me. It doesn’t matter if the shirt is little. Or my betty button showing. With eight pack looking this good. Let the man know I am beautiful. Ain’t no men want a run down woman. Refuse to care and beauty herself. It’s a waste to throw yourself away. Get yourself together and be a star. Got my make ups and hair together. Grab a man if he wants me too. I not a hoe to sleep around more then one. Please don’t mess my style up after in finish design. Sometimes wearing my longer heels. Feeling like a model taking picture with pose. Walking around with my friends. Girls it’s ok to wear sunglasses. Don’t have to looking a hot mess. Keep yourself up during all generations. Don’t running your life to the end.


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