Worse Slavery Ever Read Count : 57

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
In the cotton field lifting and carry those plants. I working very hard during the day. Mist and raining off and on. The storm not an easy task. People planning to escape into freedom. Master riding his horse everyday with the rifle. I am from the mother land for snatch away from British men. People looking at us and calling others racist names. Women are mistreated by white women with rage. Forces them to do over time jobs at nights. She not a kind hearted woman. Lights skin are butlers or man love affair. Same with boys groaning up next to the master chair. Do the dirty work and put his own kind down. It’s hurts me so much be mistreated by my own kind. While we working on the field be gets more free time. Sitting on the stone and taking a little break. Our cotton is a house where we sleeps at nights.


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