Travel Back In Time Read Count : 13

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
In the laboratory wanna know what my friend working on. The Time Machine takes people into the future. I laughing about the make believe statement. On till he let me in for the spin. I sitting on the present chair and push the button into the beginning of time. Then the speed rushing me into otherside. When the machine stops I open the door. I was shock and filled with suprise. I stepping out the land before time. I saw an dinosaur walking past me. I grab a fruit and put inside my bag. I went back into Time Machine trying again to travel forward. I went to the first earth Adam and Eve. Before they kiss my cheeks between their lips. I frown with the biggest yuck. Taking pictures of the tree of knowledge. And I weave goodbye and said Sorry. They wonder who the hack was that. Pushing few buttons to the different generations.


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