So Sorry For Everything Read Count : 47

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
If I say anything wrong to you by face to face. I didn’t mean to be cold hearted brother. Pushing you into the next level. Sick and tired all the push over. Now I know you leaving me out of the place. So sorry my friend. And I been such an ass. It’s not you just me. How I been all these years. In the club with my friends. You weaving and chatting with me. I avoid you rest of the way. That was fake attitude of me. Talking down about your style. People said What kind of friend is that. And seeing her rushing outside with filled of tears. The outside I’m a jerk. But inside my soul is apologizing. Looking at myself as the devil with laughs. Notice how wrong I am to putting my friend a side. I know from the bottom of my heart our friendship will soon coming to the end. At home watching a movie only you calling me. So much bad past today sister. I didn’t mean any harm.


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