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So I went to bath and body works and I picked out some candles
So this candle i really cherished the most i set it in a drawer to burn because I really loved it.
And the other one i did love but I ended up burning that first.
So the other candle i truly cherished. Imagine with us when we think life is unfair but thinking about it it's not really unfair.
Because whoever God chooses, are set aside so a lot of times we feel left out in life While other people succeed.
But often times we don't feel like we're enough because honestly we are truly enough and valuable maybe not enough to people or this world but to God.
You know why we don't love ourselves?
Because we don't love each other.
Once we love one another, we love ourselves. Once we help one another we help ourselves. We always hear the saying God helps those who help themselves, But God truly bless those who gives. That's why Jesus says love your neighbor as yourself.
Whenever people takes advantage of us or mistreats us we often put up walls to protect ourselves but when a person hurt or cheats on you. Wish them the best,
Forgive them. 
Forgiveness is the greatest weapon,
Forgiveness is the greatest revenge you can ever imagine. Then you let them go and let go of the pain but that's easier said than done
But most of us don't do that, most of us are in pain but pain is what perfect us.
Most people trip over rocks but some people do not get up.
The weak and soft people are the most powerful. But the arrogant and prideful people are the weakest people.
You know us a men we always hear a man is supposed to be tough and that he ain't supposed to cry is actually false.
But what really makes a man is his tears.
People will tell you stop being a crybaby and man up.

We're human 
Tears is what makes you real
That's where your power comes from.
You can cry a thousand times, But you are not weak and never let anyone tell you different.

You are tough
The softer you are the mightier you are,
Don't never change for no one.
Because what truly makes a man weak is his pride. That's why we have a lot of weak men because of arrogance and selfishness and a prideful man is foolish in all his ways.
We fight each other because of pride


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