Driving Too Fast Read Count : 14

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
In the car with my friend’s! Acting crazy and drinking some beer! Till the max went up I begins to shout! While few my friends making out! With a woman and her pantie in his mouth! I almost pick at the nasty son of gun! The speed limit pass ten! I can’t put my seat belt on! Because so many of us in the car! Seeing the police car flashing his light! And telling him to pull over! Instead having a race in the streets! I begins to screaming like crazy! While dude and his girl orgy in the back! Accident grab my pants with a squeeze! I yielding with a scream! Telling him to pullover! He cussing me out and said Are you crazy jackass!!! This day to having fun! I got angry about to fight inside his car! But it’s too many people! I know we are going to jail tonight! The car almost hitting people and causing few accidents!


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