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Sub Category : R&B/soul
Riding on the Metro bus missing my baby so. I didn’t mean to break us apart on a cloudy day. When I get a chance to make things right. I will stop leaving like this my love. On the bus looking out the window picture us together. We got to quit the childish mess. I got off the bus answer my cell phone talking to you babe. I am wrong for been such the biggest jerk. At times I just can’t help myself. And you gets like this at me too. There’s no resin for us go our separate ways. When you needed more spaces. I can give you that. But I missing you so much. My heart just can’t be alone. And seeing you with another girl. Want us to holding on together. Without be in the heart broken moments. Running to my boyfriend with my biggest kiss to him. I telling him how upset we was. And I sorry for walking away.


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